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Beware Of The Shortcuts In Life


April 30, 2017

Beware of shortcuts in life. The lure of fast cash has been the downfall of many people. People who want fast money dishonestly and lawlessly pay a price for it in life. No exceptions. It’s not worth it when the consequences roll around.

It is the equivalent of building a house on a bad, unsecured foundation, using materials you stole from others, in a structure thrown up quickly by cutting corners and violating legal codes that regulate real estate construction for everyone’s safety. It looks like it is succeeding at first, then it suddenly collapses without warning, turning into a big mess you have to clean up, then rebuild properly.

The ponzi schemer, scammer and or thief that steals money and or assets from others in a scam, in order to get rich and live lavishly, illegally collects fast cash quickly, then gets caught by the long arm of the law. When the inevitable moment of justice arrives, not only do they lose all financial possessions, but their freedom as well to lengthy prison sentences that go on their record. At least they had their freedom and name prior to the scam.

The corrupt business executive engaging in corporate espionage to steal others intellectual property, who is then suddenly arrested, charged, imprisoned and forced to pay fines and restitution that makes the crime completely unprofitable, because their assets are seized to cover the legal judgement. Once again, at least they had their freedom and name prior to the theft.

People sometimes wonder why it seems the wicked financially prosper, while good people struggle. However, in writing about criminal cases and human interest stories online for years, I can assure you people do not get away with robbing and defrauding others. It always catches up with them in some form or another.

Some call it “karma” or “what goes around comes around.” Christians call it, “You reap what you sow.” The suffering, tears and distress people cause in life with their unethical deeds always comes back to them. God sees the pain and suffering and addresses it. Therefore, be good to people. Live your life the right way.

A life done correctly is the smart way to live. Work hard and keep your hands clean. Do not go around stealing from or defrauding others. Do not exploit people. It will catch up to you and often when you least expect it. Change your ways and make amends for the wrong you have done.

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