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Does God Love One Sports Team Or Athlete More Than Another?

July 31, 2016


Sometimes sports teams and athletes believe their setbacks in sporting events means they didn’t have enough faith and subsequently did not win. However, you cannot hinge your faith on the outcome of a sporting event. If you win, God loves you. If you lose, God still loves you. Sometimes the other guy or girl just played better. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. At least you’re trying. Every modern athlete has experienced losses at some point or another. It is apart of the game. Enjoy the fact you are in the game at all, get back up and keep trying.

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Athletes Like Jeremy Lin And Tim Tebow Popularize Christian Based Clothing

March 31, 2012

Jeremy Lin

NBA basketball players Anthony Tolliver and Lanny Smith have created a fashion line called IJNIP, which stands for “In Jesus Name I Play.” It has been popularized by other Christian athletes, such as Jeremy Lin, Demaryius Thomas, Stephen Curry and Micah Owings. For more on the line please visit https://myactivefaith.com.

Active Faith: Pro Athletes Bring Christian Apparel to the Masses

Posted by Mark J. Miller on March 30, 2012 03:33 PM – There have always been Christian athletes in the ranks of professional sports. Guys would pray together in the end zone or in the locker room. Last year, some pro teams even started to add religion-themed promotional fan days.

The San Francisco Giants, for example, added days had game promotions for Christian, Jewish, and Mormon fans planned, according to USA Today, which didn’t sit well with Muslim fans of the team. Oakland A’s yarmulkes were handed out a Jewish Heritage Night that team held. The rise of new New York Jet Tim Tebow and the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin, two very devout Christians (and pals, apparently), has drawn attention to how religion and professional sports mix.


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Christian Athletes Sharing Their Faith With The World

February 29, 2012

Tim Tebow

For years, Christian athletes like A.C. Green and Wayne Simien have been sharing their faith in the Lord with the public, proclaiming Christ apart of their lives. Football player, Tim Tebow and basketballer, Jeremy Lin can be added to the list of those apart of the faith.

Jeremy Lin

In encouraging others through their testimony, they can provide a sense of hope to those experiencing difficulties in life. There is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s faith in God. Said faith has taken many through troubles and crisis, serving as comfort in the storm, when problems seem to overwhelm.

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Sportscaster Keeps The Sabbath

August 31, 2009


Dan Walker

British sportscaster, Dan Walker, adheres to his religious beliefs, in spite of a few critics in his profession, who told him he’d get nowhere, observing the Sabbath, among other tenets of Christianity. He has proved them wrong and enjoys a successful career.

Diary: Dan’s focus on new job

August 07, 2009 – WHEN Dan Walker was first starting out as a sports reporter, he was told his devout Christian principles of not working on a Sunday would `get him nowhere’. But Dan has proved those doubters wrong – having just scored one of the biggest gigs in sport as host of the BBC’s flagship Football Focus show.

Dan, who began his broadcasting career at Manchester’s Key 103 radio station before moving on to Granada and then the BBC, starts presenting the show from tomorrow. And he says the career move is even sweeter for him as he’s been able to stick to his religious principles.

Dan says: “I do take my faith quite seriously and I don’t work on a Sunday. Lots of people have told me I’m an idiot and that I’ll never get anywhere in life with an attitude like that. I always said I’ll do as good a job if not better than anyone you’ll ever employ…



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