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Women Who Do Not Pay Enough Attention To Their Children To Chase After Men

November 30. 2017

Some women do not pay enough attention to their children, who end up falling to the wayside. They spend more of their time focusing on the man they are after, rather than their kids and it results in their children being neglected.

Children need help with school work and the social issues facing them. They should be the priority in your life. Not the man you are chasing after, who may let you down and end up with someone else anyway. However, your children are your family and deserve your time and effort.

I’m not stating you should not try to find a good man and get married. What I am stating is keep things in perspective. Prioritize what’s most important and that’s your child/children. Find the correct balance.

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Decision Making Can Make Or Break You

December 31, 2014


Good decision making is important in life. It will set the tone for your life. Just so poor decision making can bring trouble to your life. Endeavor to make changes conducive to positive changes in your life. Don’t live recklessly or in a manner that will lead to preventable financial loss and spiritual bankruptcy.

Be careful who you listen to, as not everyone will lead you in the right direction. A good friend will tell you the truth and help put you on the right path to success and happiness. Some people you call friends, really aren’t so, when they are telling you to do dangerous things that can destroy your personal and business relationships.


Friends who encourage you to cheat on your significant other or be promiscuous, do not have your best interests at heart, because it can cost you the one you love or your health to disease, over meaningless risks. Friends who encourage you to get involved in dishonest business dealings, do not have your best interests at heart, as you could end up losing what you have and or imprisoned.

It’s not every idea that pops into your mind or that of your friends that you should try. Temptation comes in many forms and can wreak havoc on your life. Learn self-control and how to think your choices through to obtain the best outcome. Make the best decisions you can to secure your personal happiness and prosperity, as well as that of your family. Remember, choices have consequences.

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Have You Raised A Heartbreaker?

November 30, 2014


Michael Jackson’s famous megahit “Billie Jean” has a true lyric that states “Mama always told me be careful what you do/Don’t go around breaking young girls hearts.” It was good advice.

Are you raising a heartbreaker? Have you raised a heartbreaker and sent him or her out into the world causing others heartache? Parents aren’t always responsible for their children’s behavior, but there should be a conscious effort to teach them to be mindful of others’ feelings.

Some use the term “heartbreaker” as something to brag about, but it’s not. It’s someone who hurts their significant other and or people they recklessly lead on in thinking a relationship is more than what it actually is for them, in order to get what they want – namely sex or money.

Some men encourage their sons to be promiscuous, misleading them into thinking it is a sign of virility and makes them a real man. However, a real man does not behave like a cad. A real man loves one woman, not more than one at a time. A real man doesn’t string women along, tell them what they want to hear to get sex, then leave. Furthermore, being a heartbreaker can destroy your sexual health (sexually transmitted diseases) or cost you the one you love when the person finds out you’ve been cheating.

Some women encourage their daughters to play the field to find the richest man possible. They end up raising daughters, who exploit their bodies for money, becoming modern day harlots and Jezebels. They wreak havoc on themselves and people’s relationships and marriages, chasing money not meant to be their own, under dishonest circumstances. Do not deceive someone into thinking you love them, when you’re after their money. That type of money will do you no good in life.

Do not play with people’s feelings. Do not string people along. Do not give people false hope.  Do not use people for sex. If you are not sincere about the person, don’t start anything with them.

You see it all the time, regarding people developing feelings and become attached, only to discover it was just about sex or money and not love, then they end up heartbroken and devastated for believing a lie.

Encourage your children to find true love. In that is the blessing. Anything less is a travesty.

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Have You Been Overlooking The Right One For You In Favor Of The Wrong One

March 17, 2014


Some people are beautiful on the outside and inside. However, there are many beautiful people in this world…who have ugly hearts. To fall in love with a gorgeous person who is selfish, self-centered, money hungry and superficial will bring you misery in life.

Make no mistake, if you choose someone superficial and or money hungry, they will hurt you. They will conceal it long enough to get what they want from you financially and when you are no longer able to give them what they want or they get what they wanted, your money, they will leave.

When people are young they sometimes value the wrong things in life in terms of what they are searching for. That man only searching for a pretty face. That woman only looking for a handsome man. They choose the wrong one based on looks and end up hurt when the relationship falls apart. Meanwhile, the right one for them is passing them by.


You’re not going to find the right one holding on to the wrong one

God brings people together, but sometimes people don’t pay attention, due to superficiality or being tangled up in relationships God never intended. I’ve read stories of people who met or came into contact with the right one for them and overlooked the person for superficial reasons, such as not being hot enough at the time or having little money, while others didn’t want to be tied down, seeking to sow their oats via promiscuity, only to end up with the person years later, after breaking their heart with the aforementioned disloyal and insulting behavior.

By chasing the wrong one for them, wasting their time and energy on people God never intended them to be with, they lose months and years with the right person for them, while causing them emotional pain with what is unfaithful and disloyal behavior. Then the relationship has baggage and hurt they try to fix, when being real, genuine and faithful could have spared the one they love so much emotional pain.


Holding on to the wrong one will cost you the right one

Some look for the wrong things in a soulmate and it leads them astray and into heartache. They made assumptions about the person who was right for them, without truly getting to know them, passing them over for others in relationships that were dead ends, resulting in heartbreaks.

For example, the man who looks at a woman and assumes she is boring and unadventurous, only to later find out she is exciting and fun to be with. The man that chooses a woman dressed provocatively, over the woman whose attire is more conservative, incorrectly makes the assumption the tramp will be more loving and is the better choice, when often times it is not so.


Wasting your love on the wrong one

The woman that looks at the somewhat nerdy man and chooses the hunk over him, not realizing the nerdy guy is the one who may treat her better, makes the wrong choice in judging by appearance.

Judging a book by its cover has misled many and as a result, they missed out on a great person and ended up with the wrong one. You can’t look at people and make assumptions. You don’t know what’s under the exterior or in their heart, until you truly get to know them and see their character in play.


Paying attention to the wrong one, while overlooking the right one for you

I recently read a story about a woman and a man who God had brought together years earlier. They both overlooked each other and got tangled up in heartbreaking relationships that caused them so much emotional pain. Neither of them married, going from relationship to relationship, until a woman at their church reintroduced them to each other.

They got married and have been happy for years. You could see God working in their lives from the start, but they failed to pay attention to what God was showing them, regarding their compatibility and as a result lost years where they could have been happy together as they are now. Don’t let that happen to you.

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Waiting For Someone Who Isn’t Waiting For You

February 28, 2014


In search for one’s soulmate, some have made the mistake of waiting on people who are not waiting on them. They sit on the sidelines and watch as their love interest dates someone else, with the hope one day they will begin dating them (sometimes they do, but it is still insulting that you were considered second or third or fourth best).

You should not wait for someone who is not waiting for you. Don’t put yourself in that situation. Don’t put yourself through that. You deserve better and more than that. If someone doesn’t love you enough to be with you, making you their love, don’t waste your time or tears on them, waiting while they date someone else. Don’t torture yourself like that. Find someone who will make you the priority. Find someone who will treat you well and as number one, which is what God intended.

There have been cases of people who were ignored in favor of others, then afterwards were pursued by the person they were in love with that was dating someone else at the time, who then  became upset when the individual they treated as second best found love with someone else. If you ignore someone in favor of others, you really have no right to be upset when they move on.

Treat people how you would want to be treated. You would not want someone dating others, having you wait in line until they felt like getting around to being with you. It lacks humility, conscience and compassion to treat another human being in that manner. No one deserves that. 


Many Christians don’t engage in premarital sex and some have encountered people who want them, but want to engage in sex with others, but want the Christian person they are interested in to save themselves for them, while they play the field.

How is that fair or right. You’re not waiting, but believe you are entitled to someone else’s virginity. Some even get upset when the Christians they wanted but did not wait for sexually, go off and marries someone else. Many have told of their regrets at losing the one they love over not wanting to commit.

To lose the one you love over random flings is sad, but you cannot ask of people what you are not willing to be subjected to in any measure. It really isn’t fair. You wouldn’t want that done to you, so why do that to someone else. Put yourself in their shoes, would you want that done to you.

Many have regretted the aforementioned mistakes of youth, because at the end of the day, they don’t think about the people they had flings with, but the one they loved and lost. I’ve heard and read old men state with regret losing that love of their life for cheating and wishing they had been smarter with their choices when they were younger.

The average person is only young for a short time in comparison to the rest of their life. Don’t make poor decisions in your youth that set the tone for the rest of your life, causing you to lose the one you truly love, who is best for you.

No one wants to be treated like second best. Being young is no excuse. People should never settle for others who do not treat them with love, loyalty, dignity and respect. Don’t settle for anything less than true love. To those who try to outsmart and play love, you’re going to lose the one you love the most.

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