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Piers Morgan Slams The Second Amendment And States The Bible Is Flawed Falling Afoul Of The Public Demanding His Deportation

December 31, 2012

Piers Morgan

Rupert Murdoch crony and former employee, Piers Morgan, who is also star of his own CNN talk show, has run afoul of the public, slamming the Bible as “flawed” and demanding the deletion of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, regarding Americans’ right to bear arms (guns).

Morgan’s statements created quite a backlash in America, with 100,000 people signing a White House petition demanding his deportation from the United States. However, his native Britain, humorously stated no thanks, indicating in no uncertain terms, they don’t want him back.

In all seriousness, this isn’t about Britain, where Piers is from or America where he currently resides. This is about Morgan and his total lack of respect for other people’s religion and way of life. I am not a gun person, but I understand that the Second Amendment guarantees Americans the right to bear arms. As such, it is up to the majority to decide what the nation wants, not one man or woman.

Additionally, I am a Christian and took umbrage at Morgan’s statements about the Bible being “flawed” whilst demanding gay marriage. Billions of Christians and Muslims do not have gay marriage as apart of their religion, as it defies it. Gay marriage is a personal choice and to attempt to force it upon the world, irrespective of people’s religious beliefs is wrong. It is unfair to ask people to defy their religious beliefs in support of an alternative lifestyle the Bible and the Koran expressly forbids.

There are gay people I have prayed to God for asking Him to help them with problems and struggles they have faced, with the hope they will turn to Him in faith one day. I will not disrespect or be mean to a person for being gay. I am courteous to straight or gay people I meet. I have never attacked or abused anyone over their religion, sexual orientation, race or nationality. However, I need you to extend me and those of the faith the same courtesy, as Hollywood’s agenda in trying to change Christianity and the Bible via ridicule and bullying, to fit its lifestyle, is too much to ask, trampling on God’s word and has gone too far.

The Bible says homosexuality is a sin that brings trouble and chastisement into one’s life. However, it is your choice. God can forgive, but there must be repentance (a change in behavior). God gave me free will, just like He gave you free will. Do not try to take that away from me (and others).

Furthermore, Morgan is in no position to throw stones at anyone or offer his “flawed” view on people’s religion. As I have maintained on the Judiciary Report website for years, in a scandal I broke first online, Morgan has a problem with ethics and morality, as he is neck deep in the phone hacking scandal, having violated domestic and international law, whilst working for Rupert Murdoch and others. He has knowingly committed a number of serious felonies in the name of profit and journalistic scoops that were obtained in the most invasive, foul order. You cannot even follow the law. Don’t tell me how to follow my religion. I have British blood in me, I love Britain, God bless it, but I do not agree with Piers.


Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment

Created: Dec 21, 2012 – British Citizen and CNN television host Piers Morgan is engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.


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ObamaCare And Religion

November 30, 2012

Barack Obama

The court system has been hearing challenges to U.S. President Barack Obama’s health care plan dubbed ObamaCare. It has been deceptive in the fact religious people’s tax dollars are going to items which are against the faith, though the public is being told otherwise.

Despite the fact there is an opt out clause for certain items and alleged guarantees funds will not go for procedures that offend people’s religious sensibilities, it was found this is happening anyway. It’s as if  people have no say anymore, which should never happen in a free society. ObamaCare needs considerable revision. only is it a financial boondoggle, some of it is religiously offensive.

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Voters Need To Stand Up For The Faith In The November 2012 U.S. Presidential Election

 October 31, 2012

On election day it will be Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney

The upcoming U.S. presidential election scheduled for November 6, 2012, will be an important make or break one for America, due to the terrible state of the economy and the global suffering that has ensued.

There are other items at stake as well, such as matters of the faith. Incumbent Barack Obama, began as a moderate when he assumed office, but quickly began showing open hostility regarding Christianity and Judaism. Judea-Christian values have been dealt a political blow under his administration and this must stop.

A president should show kindness, respect and courtesy to people of all faiths and backgrounds, not strive to diminish or usurp the rights of others, in favor of his own personal views. President Obama has displayed a open contempt for Christianity and Judaism (and Israel) that is not befitting any U.S. president.

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Questions About Mitt Romney’s Religion Vs. Obama’s Beliefs Still An Important Election Issue

 August 31, 2012

Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan

Questions still linger in the 2012 presidential election in America about candidate Mitt Romney’s religion, Mormonism and what Mormons believe. They do believe in Jesus, but their religion has an additional person named as a prophet and messenger of Christ (Joseph Smith).

Barack Obama and VP Joe Biden

Questions also surround President Obama, due to his slip ups in interviews, leading many to believe he is Muslim and not Christian as he states, which is being labeled dishonesty to get in office on his part. Since he has attained office, President Obama’s choices and tone has been adversarial towards Christians and Christianity on the whole. Romney has not made such statements or acted in a manner against the faith. Neither has his running mate, Paul Ryan.

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Support Chick-Fil-A Restaurants In The Face Of Hollywood Harassment

July 31, 2012


Recently, a few gay groups in America lashed out against the Christian owned fast food company Chick-Fil-A, encouraging people to boycott their 1,300 restaurants, in conduct that is unethically damaging the U.S. economy and President Barack Obama’s chances of reelection. Persistently low economic numbers have caused massive doubts among the public, regarding the President’s ability to fix the economy.

President Obama at the White House with high profile gay Hollywood executive David Geffen and his boy toy  Jeremy Lingvall. Hollywood gays, frequently seen at the White House, have been a big force in setting President Obama’s political and economic agenda. Hollywood, both gay and straight have compromised his judgment.

Some, not all, in the gay community, in a charged being spearheaded by hedonistic Hollywood, who started this mess, have shown open hostility and contempt in despising the owners of Chick-Fil-A, for being Christians that adhere to the Bible and have exhibited such hate and hostility towards them, their PR representative had a heart attack and died from the outrageous harassment, bullying and abuse. Therefore, Compendius is encouraging the public to support Chick-Fil-A by eating at their restaurants.


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Obama Vs. Mitt Romney – Who Will Get The Christian Vote In 2012 Election

May 31, 2012

Barack Obama recently endorsed gay marriage on television

Former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, sealed the Republican nomination this week, as the challenger to run against beleaguered President Obama. The competition is also on to obtain the important Christian vote. Thus far, Romney is the candidate in line to grab the Christian vote, which accounts for over 70% of the country. Winning the full Christian vote, means winning the election.

Mitt Romney

Obama has made a number of proclamations and enacted legislation that goes contrary to the Christian faith. He has made public statements that were interpreted as anti-Christian and blasphemous against Christ. This month President Obama pushed for gay marriage, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many Christians and will be reflected in the vote.

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Forbes Rates Tim Tebow The Second Most Influential Person In American Sports

April 28, 2012

Tim Tebow

Forbes magazine has rated Christian football player, Tim Tebow, the second most influential athlete in the nation. Tebow took the nation by storm over the past year, with his clean cut image and prayerful lifestyle.

He even gave an Easter Sunday sermon at a local church. In a hypothetical poll of the person Americans would most like as President of the United States, Tebow beat all the candidates including incumbent, Barack Obama. Congrats to Tebow on his success

 Tebow second to Johnson on Forbes’ list of clout

11:58 AM, Apr. 25, 2012 – CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, for the second consecutive year, is ranked by Forbes as America’s Most Influential Athlete. “It is just a huge honor,” he said. “And not only is it very good for me and my career and what I do in the race car and my brand, I think it’s very good for NASCAR as well.”

Six of the 10 featured on this year’s list are NFL quarterbacks, including Peyton and Eli Manning, as well as Tim Tebow, who debuted last year at No. 10, but is now ranked second. The rankings, released Tuesday, are based on public opinion polling…


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The Christian Vote And The 2012 U.S. Elections

 March 31, 2011

U.S. President Barack Obama

With potential U.S. presidential candidates already vying for the Christian vote, once again, it will certainly play a significant part in the 2012 elections. Christians, much like every other group in America, are tired of the state of the economy. Being launched into another war this month hasn’t been uplifting news either.

Compendius is of the belief, more issues that affect the nation, should be placed on the ballot as a national choice for the people to make, rather than it being a congressional or presidential matter. It would help to ease the state of discontentment many feel, at political choices made in Washington that are out of the people’s hands and end badly.

It is important for Christians to get out there and vote, as some in Washington are trying to ram through unsuitable legislation that offends Christians’ moral sensibilities and more importantly the Bible. Make your voice heard at the polls and keep the faith. God bless you.

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Obama Keeps Betraying The Church

 February 28, 2011

Barack Obama

U.S. President, Barack Obama, has been betraying the church, via going back on a number of promises he made voters, such as not attempting to make gay marriage legal and lifting the ban on stem cell research (running gruesome experiments on baby embryos). Obama stated he is a Christian and claims “Jesus” as Savior, but after he got into office, he began openly going against the Bible, also known as the “Word of God.”

The church played a major role in electing Obama in 2008, as one cannot become President of the United States without the Christian vote, due to America having a Christian majority. However, ever since Obama has taken office, he has spit on the church with decision after decision, from proclaiming America is not a Christian nation, to his latest backslidden act, of pushing for gay marriage, in a bid to repay his Hollywood campaign donors.

With each new betrayal of the Bible, Obama is giving more credence to public claims he is not a Christian and used it as a mean to get elected President. The church needs to wake up and get wise to what is happening, before all Christians hold dear is destroyed. The Lord said in the Bible “You shall know them by their deeds” which means one can tell a Christian by what he or she does, not by what he or she says.


The American Church Withdraws Its Support From Obama Over Gay Marriage

The GOP To Defend Marriage In America


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State conservatives pledge to uphold Defense of Marriage Act

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RI bishop: Obama gay marriage stance ‘misguided’

Church Group Slams Obama for Abandoning DOMA

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