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New Years Resolutions

December 31. 2017

The smartest New Years resolutions are the ones you don’t make. Many people set New Years resolutions as a means of positive change in their lives, which is accompanied by stress and unrealistic time frames. While it is good to set goals, you should live each day to the fullest, working towards your goals on a regular basis – not just on January 1st.

The key is to be diligent. Each effort will go towards your goal and begin to add up. Before you know it, you will achieved your goal. Live this way year round. Make it a way of life.

So this January 1st, do not put stress on yourself, trying to do everything in one day. Relax. Take deep breaths. Take each day as it comes. Thank God for all you have and pray to Him for help in achieving your goals. Work diligently towards your goals. Don’t worry. You will get there.

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