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Are You Raising Your Sons To Respect Women?

September 30. 2017


How are you raising your sons to treat women? Are you teaching your sons to respect and treat women well? Are you setting a good example for your sons, regarding how a woman should behave? Do you condone poor behavior from your son’s father, leading the child to believe men are to be mean and disrespectful to women?

Women should be careful in not coddling their sons and telling them everything they do is right. You do not want your son to adopt the view women are doormats and must do everything they say. If they grow up with that view, they will encounter smart and strong women, who are not doormats and they will react badly to not getting their way. They must learn compromise.


You should teach your sons to respect women. Do not encourage or applaud promiscuous behavior. Teach your sons that it is not good to be a playboy using women for sex then dumping them, as that is disgraceful. Some of you see your sons dating many women and at the same time and don’t say anything about it. You are condoning behavior that could destroy your offspring and women (sexually transmitted diseases, destroyed relationships).

Do not raise a cheater. Do not raise a son that grows up to go around hurting women. Raise a son that treats women with dignity and respect.

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