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Pastor’s Sex Comment Stirs The Press

 November 30, 2008


Ed Young

Ed Young, who is a pastor I’ve seen on television several times over the years, issued a challenge to married couples, during one of his recent sermons, stating they should have sex for seven days to spark the romance in their lives. Who knew this would be so controversial, as it grabbed the attention of the mainstream press nationwide. It was written about in hundreds of publications.

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about regarding his statements. God created sex. It is normal. He made it as a means for married couples to get closer to each other and also for reproduction. The preacher was passing on God’s message from the Bible. However, it shows the inaccurate view the mainstream press has about Christians.

7 Days Of Sex Challenge

 7 straight days of sex. That was the challenge Pastor Ed Young issued to all of the married couples at his Grapevine church. Too taboo, or right on time? Whatever your opinion, this conversation and tonight’s story is strictly for adults. KLTV 7′s Layron Livingston sat down with some local pastors to see if the message could make its way to your church’s pulpit.

“Everybody’s whining about the economy and about the world….let’s move from whining to whoopee!” The message caught some members of Fellowship Church by surprise, and its perking the ears of East Texans.

“Between a married man and a married woman…the more, the better.” …


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