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Carrie Prejean Does Pro-Heterosexual Marriage Ad

April 30. 2009  Miss California Carrie Prejean 

Vicious blogger Perez Hilton got his pink underwear all in a knot at a new Carrie Prejean pro-heterosexual marriage ad, which is apart of a $1.5 billion dollar push by the National Organization For Marriage, to promote and preserve real, traditional marriage, between a man and a woman.

The ad used a two second clip of Hilton abusively calling Prejean “a dumb bi*ch” for politely stating her personal beliefs regarding marriage, being heterosexual, in response to his out of place question at the Miss USA pageant.

It is a political style ad, where one includes a snippet of a previous, unkind and inflammatory statement to show the person’s true character. The clip falls under the Fair Use segment of the Copyright Act.

However, embarrassed that his brutish, abusive actions are working against the homosexual community, Perez ran to YouTube with a copyright claim over the snippet. YouTube proceeded to take the ad down.

Mario Lavandeira is Perez Hilton’s birth name

Typical, cowardly, Constitution abusing Hollywood loves to immorally have websites, videos and articles removed that disagree with their agenda. Said conduct is un-American and juvenile, as it violates others’ right to free speech.

Someone says or writes something they do not like and Hollywood sets out to silence the individual, illegally and unethically, might I add. However, the ad is still available at the National Organization For Marriage’s website. Please pass the link around, much like Perez at a gay bathhouse: http://www.nationformarriage.org

But keep it up, Hollywood. It is showing the world your depraved agenda and the fact gays in Hollywood are the most intolerant, vicious, underhanded and hateful people of all. You tell the world you are being deprived of equal rights, yet you try to destroy others’ rights.

There is nothing peaceful or legal about what you are trying to do, to abridge free speech and free thought. The nation and the world has duly noted it. Oh and another thing. Continue to let Perez be your mouthpiece. He will be the downfall of gay Hollywood.


Abusive Perez Hilton Costs Queen Her Crown

Why Gay Marriage Is Detrimental

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Gay Adoptions

February 28, 2009

The topic of gay adoptions has been in the news again. I do not believe it healthy for gay couples to adopt children. Homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle and as such, it brings emotional issues with it that should not be transferred to a child, being in that environment.

This world is complicated enough, without growing up with that type of confusion in the home. Adoptive parents should be stable, loving people with traditional core values. It is not right to subject a child to anything else.

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Openly Wrong

September 29, 2007

Openly gay minister, Michelle Strecker, practicing in the church in contradiction to the Bible (photo courtesy of the Toldeo Blade)

There was new controversy in the Presbyterian Church this week regarding the ordination of gay priests, as the Bible forbids it.  This practice contravenes the Bible, as God spoke of homosexuality as a sin that one should turn from and ask for forgiveness regarding.

Contrary to what some in Hollywood try to drum into the public’s consciousness, people are not born gay. It is a choice. While God grants us all free will, to ordain a gay minister is a flagrant violation of the Bible. God’s grace will not be over the church that does this. It is in the New Testament. Furthermore, the Old Testament writes of God’s standards in this regard.

Preachers, bishops and priests are held to a higher standard and openly contradicting God’s word is to willfully fall short of the tenets of faith. This is not to condemn anyone, as God offers you the chance to turn from homosexuality and all other sexual sins, such as adultery and fornication.

The Bible says “All have sinned” and this is true. However, once we are given the truth via the word of God, we must make a change for the better to be instep with the Lord.


Members of a regional body in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) have rejected a proposal supporting gay ordination.

Maumee Valley Presbytery, the PC(USA) body of northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan, voted 61-56 on Tuesday against the proposal and held off a vote on a more specific ban against the ordination of gays and lesbians until November.

“We lost,” said the Rev. Michelle Stecker, the only openly gay ordained minister in the regional body, according to The Toledo Blade.


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