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Support Chick-Fil-A Restaurants In The Face Of Hollywood Harassment

July 31, 2012


Recently, a few gay groups in America lashed out against the Christian owned fast food company Chick-Fil-A, encouraging people to boycott their 1,300 restaurants, in conduct that is unethically damaging the U.S. economy and President Barack Obama’s chances of reelection. Persistently low economic numbers have caused massive doubts among the public, regarding the President’s ability to fix the economy.

President Obama at the White House with high profile gay Hollywood executive David Geffen and his boy toy  Jeremy Lingvall. Hollywood gays, frequently seen at the White House, have been a big force in setting President Obama’s political and economic agenda. Hollywood, both gay and straight have compromised his judgment.

Some, not all, in the gay community, in a charged being spearheaded by hedonistic Hollywood, who started this mess, have shown open hostility and contempt in despising the owners of Chick-Fil-A, for being Christians that adhere to the Bible and have exhibited such hate and hostility towards them, their PR representative had a heart attack and died from the outrageous harassment, bullying and abuse. Therefore, Compendius is encouraging the public to support Chick-Fil-A by eating at their restaurants.


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Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex Despite Hollywood’s Influence

 December 31, 2010

A research study has shown, couples who wait until they marry to have sex, have better sex lives. They also have longer lasting and more meaningful marriages. Teens and adults are under pressure via examples being set by Hollywood to engage in promiscuous sex, tossing consequences aside, such as unplanned pregnancies, deadly STDs and emotional trauma.

However, Hollywood is a horrible barometer for morality, as it simply lacks ethics, with its denizens leading very troubled and tormented lives. Don’t let anyone talk you into something that goes against what you believe. You stick to your faith and live your life with honor and dignity.


Study Finds Benefits For Those Who Wait Until Marriage For Sex

Benefits in Delaying Sex Until Marriage

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Christians Need To Create Entertainment And Press Outlets

July 31, 2010


There are many wealthy Christians in the world, who need to do more, by putting their money to good use in charitable deeds and also things that will benefit others worldwide, such as positive entertainment and websites.

There is way too much negativity out there being fueled by Hollywood and spoon fed to your children. If they watch and follow these negative examples, it shall endanger their souls and spirituality. Christians must counter these negative messages with positive ones, by creating our own venues and outlets.

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Hollywood And Horror

June 30, 2010


The devilish film “Drag Me To Hell”

Hollywood has created a resurgence in horror films that are being released in rapid succession into the marketplace. Some of the most sick, disturbing, grotesques, ungodly scenes ever filmed, are making their way to movie theater screens all over the nation and to the detriment of audiences.

The satanic “Saw”

The impact becomes evident, when copycat crimes occur in the real world that mirror scene in films. Hollywood, taking its standard line of denial, will state they are not responsible, when they are, as they put the idea into someone’s head.


The bloody and violent movie “The Crazies”

The worst part about these horror films is they are mostly viewed by teens. There are recorded cases of teens being rendered mentally ill, after watching certain horror films, having to be institutionalized, due to the impact the graphic imagery had on them.


The horrid, hellish “Hellraiser”

Even seemingly innocuous teen type films such as “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince” and “New Moon” have very dark, violent themes as well, even though they are not classified as horror pics. Hollywood is making a concerted effort to corrupt you and your kids through entertainment.

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Hollywood Pulling The President’s Strings

May 31, 2010

U.S. President Barack Obama

Hollywood and political activism often ends in disastrous results. With the election of Barack Obama to the White House, Hollywood has become quite aggressive in pulling his strings, due to the lavish campaign donations they’ve made.

However, it has been to America’s detriment, as political, corporate and military decisions that were and are scheduled to be undertaken, are sowing seeds of discord, controversy and financial calamity.

Hollywood gays are the cruelest, most vengeful, depraved and destructive people one will ever meet. If one peacefully and verbally disagrees with their way of life, due to religious beliefs, the person becomes a candidate for a Hollywood sponsored, private investigator executed, harassment, terrorization, defamation and destruction campaign.

They become obsessed with the person’s professional and personal destruction. The abuse is particularly extreme, due to Hollywood’s crazy leanings.

Crazy and depraved Hollywood bisexual, Madonna

As seen in the Anthony Pellicano case, Hollywood will employ private investigators to threaten innocent people and their children (in one noted case, one of the target’s children that was threatened is disabled). They will hire private investigators to relentlessly stalk and physically abuse people.

They will induce, bribe or threaten employers to fire the surveillance target, attempting to leave them bankrupt and destitute. They will pay banks to revoke their loans. They pay thugs to break into their homes and businesses, steal items and vandalize properties, whilst installing illegal surveillance equipment, such as hidden cameras and audio bugs.

U.S. President Obama invited campaign donor, David Geffen to the White House, who was accompanied by his boyfriend, who is in his 20s.

Yet, Hollywood gays are always proclaiming themselves victims of intolerance and abuse, but who are really the intolerant ones, that people cannot peacefully agree to disagree, without being abused, harassed, terrorized, threatened and deprived of employment, by a industry of vicious, evil streak having gay men and women, bankrolling the destruction of others, as witnessed in the Anthony Pellicano case and other ongoing ones. It is severe mental illness. Hollywood has serious mental problems.

Even witnessing what gay Hollywood did to Christian, Miss USA, Carrie Prejean, was appalling. They tried to destroy her life in every way they could. They even issued death threats online.

Abusive gay blogger Perez Hilton

Gays want laws to protect them from harassment and abuse, but have no qualms about cowardly paying private investigators to bully, abuse, spy on, terrorize, threaten and break into the property of others. It is beyond sick and has occurred in well documented incidents.

People with such little appreciation for the law, human rights and and common decency, have no business pulling any politician’s strings, as what will be implemented, will be in their best interest and not society’s as a whole. Inmates running the asylum.

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Carrie Prejean Does Pro-Heterosexual Marriage Ad

April 30. 2009  Miss California Carrie Prejean 

Vicious blogger Perez Hilton got his pink underwear all in a knot at a new Carrie Prejean pro-heterosexual marriage ad, which is apart of a $1.5 billion dollar push by the National Organization For Marriage, to promote and preserve real, traditional marriage, between a man and a woman.

The ad used a two second clip of Hilton abusively calling Prejean “a dumb bi*ch” for politely stating her personal beliefs regarding marriage, being heterosexual, in response to his out of place question at the Miss USA pageant.

It is a political style ad, where one includes a snippet of a previous, unkind and inflammatory statement to show the person’s true character. The clip falls under the Fair Use segment of the Copyright Act.

However, embarrassed that his brutish, abusive actions are working against the homosexual community, Perez ran to YouTube with a copyright claim over the snippet. YouTube proceeded to take the ad down.

Mario Lavandeira is Perez Hilton’s birth name

Typical, cowardly, Constitution abusing Hollywood loves to immorally have websites, videos and articles removed that disagree with their agenda. Said conduct is un-American and juvenile, as it violates others’ right to free speech.

Someone says or writes something they do not like and Hollywood sets out to silence the individual, illegally and unethically, might I add. However, the ad is still available at the National Organization For Marriage’s website. Please pass the link around, much like Perez at a gay bathhouse: http://www.nationformarriage.org

But keep it up, Hollywood. It is showing the world your depraved agenda and the fact gays in Hollywood are the most intolerant, vicious, underhanded and hateful people of all. You tell the world you are being deprived of equal rights, yet you try to destroy others’ rights.

There is nothing peaceful or legal about what you are trying to do, to abridge free speech and free thought. The nation and the world has duly noted it. Oh and another thing. Continue to let Perez be your mouthpiece. He will be the downfall of gay Hollywood.


Abusive Perez Hilton Costs Queen Her Crown

Why Gay Marriage Is Detrimental

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Hateful Hollywood

July 31, 2008

I read an interesting article from the Washington Times, written to Steven Spielberg, regarding Hollywood’s prejudices. It served as another reminder, that no matter how much Hollywood hypocritically preaches tolerance, especially for gays, it does not practice it when it comes to others.

Christians, blacks and immigrants are often treated very badly by the industry and portrayed in very degrading and offensive ways in Hollywood movies and television shows. It’s nothing to be proud of, as it sends a terrible message to the nation and the watching world.

The attitude among quite a few in Hollywood is that of, when they hear you’re a Christian, they will form a cabal to destroy you and your company. They will call their friends and affiliates at media outlets to blacken your name with the public. They will blacklist you from services available to others, via calling in favors at business establishments. They will threaten others that if they deal with you, they cannot deal with them.

They will do their level best to run you out of town, all whilst operating outside the law in achieving this ghastly goal. They are going to go too far with it one day and create a self-made catastrophe that Hollywood will forever be associated with in a very negative light.

Op-ed To Steven Spielberg appeared in the Washington Times

The bias that exists in Hollywood is so terrible that it’s not concealable. That’s how brazenly far it goes. The ironic thing is, if the same were done to them, they’d be devastated and demand recompense.

The unevenness and downright hatred Hollywood exhibits against the aforementioned groups is appalling and paints an ugly picture of a town that prides itself on so-called tolerance, when it is anything but tolerant.

Then there is that nasty arrogance in blacklisting those for being, saying or doing something they do not like. It’s pretty sick to think any industry would brag about the unlawful, discriminatory phrase, “You’ll never work in this town again” as if it is something good or admirable.

It doesn’t show power. It demonstrates ignorance, barbarism and an abusive mentality. The mere fact that anyone would seek to deprive another of gainful employment, which is essentially putting food on one’s family’s table, is shameful and un-American.

Yet, Hollywood routinely does this, because some misanthrope does not like another’s religious beliefs, race or nationality, or took exception at something said that was protected by free speech.

The lengths some go to in Hollywood to destroy others is not only illegal (see the Anthony Pellicano case), but un-constitutional. Inmates running the asylum indeed

BREITBART: Mr. Spielberg, tear down this wall

But in this land of superficiality and augmented assets, the inconvenient truth is that, in Hollywood, absolute conformity to the Democratic Party is a well-constructed facade. The environment is not so much unfavorable to the Grand Old Party as it is utterly totalitarian. There’s simply no lifestyle choice that receives a worse response at dinner parties.

Convicted murderer? Has anyone optioned the rights to your story?

Avowed Marxist? Viva la revolucion!

Scientologist? Do you take Visa or Mastercard?

Syphilitic drug abuser? Let’s talk!

Conservative? You should go.

Only proclaiming one’s self a practicing Christian is met with greater disdain – making Christian Republicans the gold standard in Hollywood pariah status. Fortunately, their Savior – that dude from Mel Gibson’s highest-grossing blockbuster that was shunned by the major studios – wrote the script on how to live with an unpopular point of view.

When asked recently what it was like to work with “Republican” Clint Eastwood (the question speaks volumes), Angelina Jolie, a “surge” supporter who also wants to produce Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” surprised Entertainment Weekly with her answer: “Actually, we don’t disagree as much as you’d think. I think people assume I’m a Democrat. But I’m registered independent and I’m still undecided. So I’m looking at McCain as well as Obama.”

You hedge, girl.

But Los Angeles is a one-company town. And because of bullying (or what Democrats would call blacklisting or “political discrimination,” if the shoe were on the other foot), Hollywood has become a one-party town. History will show this dynamic hurt both the creative and the political processes.


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Evan Almighty Not Alrighty

July 10, 2007

Evan Almighty, the most expensive comedy ever made, with a 175 million dollar price tag, plus 30 million dollars in promo money, flopped like one of Britney Spears’ extensions. Based on the trailers and other clips, the film was sacrilegious and disrespectful to the faith, yet Hollywood was trying to pull a fast one labeling it a Christian film. It was absolutely patronizing and insulting. It painted Christians as crazy, aloof, neurotic people.

This from an industry, Hollywood, home to sick Scientology and insane Kabbalah.  Not to mention, people neck deep in the Pellicano scandal/trial, where innocent members of the public were illegally wiretapped, threatened, harassed, beaten and burglarized at the behest of Hollywood stars, executives and moguls.

Who could be more perverse, crazy, nasty and neurotic than the industry that calls itself Hollywood. Yet they are mocking the church. That’s rich. Why should the church pay money to be insulted by an industry that spends more time deriding and stealing from it, than behaving like decent human beings. It’s more proof that the church needs to work on furthering its own entertainment industry.

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