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Does Everything That Happens Happen For A Reason

March 31, 2016

Some people are under the impression everything that happens in life happens for a reason. Some call it fate. However, that is untrue. There are many good things that have happened to those who deserve it. However, when you look at the tragic things that have occurred in this world you realize people’s poor choices bring them about, damaging innocent lives.

Adolph Hitler is responsible for the deaths of 50,000,000 people. Precious lives lost over the madness and evil of one man, who led many astray and forced others into early deaths.

A child or woman who is raped suffers at the hands of their victimizer in deeds that are wholly wrong. Such things are not meant to be. That’s someone imposing their will on someone else in violation of their rights. Those are negative events brought on by others’ wrong choices.

Some negative experiences are unnecessary ones that do not make people better or stronger. However, in any tragedy, people must find the strength and will to go on. Bad things happen to good people, but you can’t let it break you.

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