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Decision Making Can Make Or Break You

December 31, 2014


Good decision making is important in life. It will set the tone for your life. Just so poor decision making can bring trouble to your life. Endeavor to make changes conducive to positive changes in your life. Don’t live recklessly or in a manner that will lead to preventable financial loss and spiritual bankruptcy.

Be careful who you listen to, as not everyone will lead you in the right direction. A good friend will tell you the truth and help put you on the right path to success and happiness. Some people you call friends, really aren’t so, when they are telling you to do dangerous things that can destroy your personal and business relationships.


Friends who encourage you to cheat on your significant other or be promiscuous, do not have your best interests at heart, because it can cost you the one you love or your health to disease, over meaningless risks. Friends who encourage you to get involved in dishonest business dealings, do not have your best interests at heart, as you could end up losing what you have and or imprisoned.

It’s not every idea that pops into your mind or that of your friends that you should try. Temptation comes in many forms and can wreak havoc on your life. Learn self-control and how to think your choices through to obtain the best outcome. Make the best decisions you can to secure your personal happiness and prosperity, as well as that of your family. Remember, choices have consequences.

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ObamaCare And Religion

November 30, 2012

Barack Obama

The court system has been hearing challenges to U.S. President Barack Obama’s health care plan dubbed ObamaCare. It has been deceptive in the fact religious people’s tax dollars are going to items which are against the faith, though the public is being told otherwise.

Despite the fact there is an opt out clause for certain items and alleged guarantees funds will not go for procedures that offend people’s religious sensibilities, it was found this is happening anyway. It’s as if  people have no say anymore, which should never happen in a free society. ObamaCare needs considerable revision. only is it a financial boondoggle, some of it is religiously offensive.

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