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Boy Sent Home From School For Wearing Jesus Costume On Halloween

October 31, 2008

School boy Alex Woinski dressed as Jesus

A young boy, Alex Woinski, was singled out for discrimination. He went to school on Halloween dressed as Jesus and was sent home, while other students were allowed to wear their costumes and remain in class. That was a blatant, un-constitutional double standard that is positively offensive.

And some wonder why Christians so vigilantly aim to protect our rights in society, from onslaughts and abuses by liberals and atheists, who don’t practice what they preach in the way of tolerance. They love to throw that word around, then in the same breath try to destroy Christians’ rights.

Today, I saw a teenager walking home from school dressed in a ghoulish devil costume. I looked on and thought, “That little idiot.” I had an opinion of what he was wearing, deeming it morally inappropriate. However, I did not wish for him to be deprived of his rights in any manner.

God gave everyone free will, that was the teenager’s choice of wardrobe and it was lawful, albeit ugly. However, liberals and atheists often don’t see things that way. They will seek some avenue to trample the rights of Christians. They don’t adhere to the simple principle, though I may not agree with something, I must leave it alone if it is lawful.

Boy Sent Home From School For Dressing As Jesus

Eighth Grader Told His Halloween Costume Was Offensive, Distracting

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBS) ― A Paramus middle school student was sent home Friday after he came to school dressed up as Jesus for Halloween.  For a few hours, Alex Woinski was the messiah of West Brook Middle School, but like the real Jesus, Woinski was condemned, so to speak.

“Sort of like a new remake of what supposedly happened,” Woinski told CBS 2. Decked out in sandals, a robe, fake beard and thorns, the 13-year-old joined 500 other students at his school’s Halloween celebration, and on this day, he was the chosen one – to go home.

“It was offensive to some students,” Woinski said, when asked what school officials told him the reason for being sent home was. Woinski says he wore the costume because friends say his long hair makes him a Jesus lookalike, and were not offended by his costume.

The school says the costume was a disruption and denies its religious nature had anything to do with it. “I don’t think I overreacted,” Principal Joan Broe told CBS 2. Broe said too many students were drawn to the costume, and that was reason enough…

Woinski has developed an interest in religion. His mother is Catholic and his father is Jewish. He recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah and his also studying Bible scripture…


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