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The Silence Of Our Friends

August 31, 2016


Martin Luther King

The great Martin Luther King Jr., an amazing love preacher once stated, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” King was a great and innocent man, who faced significant adversity and terrible persecution in life. He was treated in a shameful manner while he was alive.

King’s words of peace and equality pierced the souls of many people. Those with darkness, malice and hate in their hearts, greatly opposed him. Darkness always dislikes the light. The light of goodness they saw in King troubled their conscience.

Through all his trials and triumphs, King did not expect good or decency from those who wrongly sought to destroy him. However, he did expect good and decency from his friends, some of whom under unconstitutional, illegal and insidious pressure from the racist, hateful FBI, were threatened and terrorized into betraying King, a man who went on to eclipse anything the Federal Bureau of Investigation could ever hope to accomplish or achieve.

This is what King meant by, “The silence of our friends.” King was making reference to his friends who chose cowardly self-preservation in the face of corruption, by bowing to unjust government threats to betray, isolate and destroy him in standard Washington fashion.

However, history never fails to correct itself. Today, King is revered all over the world as a hero and his enemies are clothed in lasting shame and disgrace. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Stand on the side of what is good, as world history is watching and will not fail to correct itself when corrupt, evil men impose their hateful will upon humanity.  The undue shame, disgrace and abuse you inflict upon others, is the one you will bear.

During King’s life, the head of the FBI, the nefarious J.Edgar Hoover, poured disgrace upon him through false arrests, trumped up stories in the press and outright lies spread in communities by busybody FBI agents. Hoover became so obsessed, he sent King a suicide letter and told him to kill himself. It is one of the ugliest letters ever written and one clearly penned by an exceptionally evil human being. When King would not, Hoover had him killed. In doing so, Hoover made King a martyr.

Today, King is remember with honor and fondness. Today, Hoover is remembered with disdain and contempt. Today, people clamor to place King’s name on buildings and awards. Today, people feverishly and formally petition against Hoover’s name being placed on anything of merit. The disgrace and shame Hoover tried his best to force upon King, befell him instead.

Whatever we put out into the world comes back to us – whether good or bad. So, take care to do the right thing in life. The corrupt shortcut may seem like it is working at first, but one always reaps what one sows.

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Bakery Fined $200,000 By Obama Justice Department For Declining To Make Cake For Lesbian Wedding

December 31, 2015


Melissa and Aaron Klein were given $500,000 in online donations

A bakery owned by a religious couple was fined $144,000 for declining an order to make a cake for a lesbian couple’s same sex marriage. They objected on the grounds of their religious beliefs. The Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Oregon has paid $144,000 of a $200,000 fine to¬†Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, issued by President Obama’s Justice Department, which claims they should have registered as a religious organization. However, most bakeries do not register as religious institutions.

Same Sex Wedding Cake

It is wrong for the government to ask someone to go against their religious convictions. What if someone went to a Muslim owned bakery and demanded they make a cake with an image of Muhammad on it, went it is forbidden to draw him in Islam. What if someone went to a Jewish owned bakery and demanded they make a Nazi cake. Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer should have sought a bakery that caters to same sex wedding cakes, as a number of religions forbid adherents from participating in it.


Baker to pay US$144,000 over lesbian wedding cake

A bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple has paid them more than $200,000 but is still fighting. The owners of a US bakery who refused on religious grounds to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple have paid about US$144,000 ($210,000) in damages despite their ongoing appeal of the discrimination case.

The damages were ordered after Aaron and Melissa Klein, owners of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery in Oregon, refused to bake a cake in 2013 when Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer were planning their nuptials. Aaron Klein handed the state a cheque for nearly US$137,000 on Monday, Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries spokesman Charlie Burr said. The payment was first reported by the Oregonian newspaper.

The money was added to US$7000 received from the Kleins earlier this month through private collection efforts spearheaded by the state’s Department of Justice…


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