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Heterosexual Demoted For Stance On Gay Marriage

June 30, 2009


Theresa Davies

A Christian woman, Theresa Davies, who has worked at a Registrar’s office in England for 18 years, was wrongfully demoted for refusing to perform gay weddings, as it goes against her religion. She should not have been demoted, as people of other religions gain exemptions in other such cases of conflict. I commend her stance.

Registrar demoted to receptionist because she refused to marry gay couples

Last updated at 9:52 PM on 20th June 2009 – Theresa Davies refused to marry gay couples and was demoted to the post of receptionist. A Christian registrar was demoted to receptionist because she refuses to preside over gay ‘marriages’ – and last night claimed she is facing dismissal.

Theresa Davies, 58, said she is being forced out of the £26,000-a-year job she loves because of her religious objections to same-sex civil partnerships. The case parallels that of 48-year-old Lillian Ladele, the registrar who won a similar battle last year against Miss Davies’s employers – Islington Council in North London.

Miss Davies has worked for the council for 18 years and was a friend and colleague of Miss Ladele in the same department. She will send a strongly worded letter to all members of the House of Lords tomorrow, highlighting her plight and complaining of a ‘militant political-sexual libertarian lobby’ at the council.

Miss Davies told The Mail on Sunday: ‘Britain is supposed to be a nation that respects freedom of conscience. But my conscience is not being respected. If Islington Council believes in dignity for all, why can’t my beliefs be accommodated and why is my dignity not being respected?

‘I have nothing against homosexuals. My colleagues in the office will tell you that – and the openly gay ones have no problem with me. All I am asking is that the system can be arranged so I do not have to perform civil partnerships.’…


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Gay Marriage Initiatives Defeated

May 31, 2009


Miss California Carrie Prejean

This month, attempts at legalizing gay marriage were defeated in the American states of California, Nevada and New Hampshire. It is not that one intends to be cruel to gays with these initiatives, but based on religious reasons, I will never support gay marriage and many others share my view.

I shall not go on a witch hunt, nor will I attempt to destroy or harass gays, as many homosexuals in Hollywood routinely do to innocent heterosexual Christians, who vote and voice our opinions according to our faith.

Gays in Hollywood, using their press connections, are pushing the most for gay marriage on a national level. They use their industry connects and money, sometimes even resorting to threats, in an attempt to force the legalization of gay marriage.

Quite a few gays have gone to terrible extremes, including issuing death threats and harming others, which screams incivility and unkindness. Christians must peacefully and legally stand up for the faith in the face of these attacks.

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