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Christian Charity Vows To Remain In Afghanistan In Spite Of Murders

August 31, 2010

Dr. Karen Woo was murdered by the Taliban

The Christian charity, International Assistance Mission, has vowed to remain in Afghanistan, after the vicious murders of several of their workers, by the Taliban terrorist group, who claimed it was due to them preaching Christianity.

A British doctor, six Americans, one German and two people from Afghanistan, were murdered by the Taliban, for being Christian, when all they were doing is delivering crucial medical supplies to impoverished pregnant women in the region.

The murders were acts of cowardice against unarmed charity workers trying to help those in need. If the Taliban thinks it endears them to the world they are sorely mistaken.

Devastated Christian aid group pledges to continue work in Afghanistan

Monday, August 9, 2010 – KABUL — …Last week, with the massacre of 10 members of an eye care team in the rugged mountains of northern Afghanistan, the group suffered its greatest tragedy. But its 44-year history in Afghanistan, as an openly Christian charity in a deeply conservative Muslim country, is one of enduring near-impossible circumstances…

On Sunday, the bodies of the 10 slain aid workers — six Americans, one German, one Briton and two Afghans — were recovered and flown by Afghan helicopter from Badakhshan province to a military compound in Kabul…


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Doctor Dismissed For Religious Beliefs

July 31, 2009

 Dr. Sheila Matthews

Dr. Sheila Matthews was removed from an adoption panel, due to her religious beliefs as a Christian, which compelled her not to support gay adoptions. This is clearly a wrongful dismissal and she should fight it.

Christian doctor is axed from panel over failing to back gay adoption

Last updated at 12:51 AM on 20th July 2009 – A doctor has been removed from an adoption panel because she refuses to endorse applications by homosexual couples.

Dr Sheila Matthews, who is a Christian, was told that her beliefs on gay adoption were incompatible with equality legislation and council policies. The paediatrician had asked to be allowed to abstain from voting in cases involving same-sex couples. But that led to her being barred from the panel altogether.

The married mother of one said she had been ‘made to pay for being honest and upholding my personal integrity’. ‘I don’t feel that placing children for adoption with same-sex couples is the best place for them,’ said the 50-year-old doctor.

‘As a Christian, I don’t believe it’s an appropriate lifestyle and I don’t believe the outcomes for children would be as good as if they were placed with heterosexual couples.’

Dr Matthews said men and women brought different skills to parenting, with mothers more nurturing and fathers more challenging. She said children of gay adoptive parents would be more likely to be bullied.

‘Professionally and personally I cannot recommend placement in a same-sex household to be in the best interest of a child, despite what politicians may have legislated for,’ she said…More than 3,200 children were adopted in England last year – 90 by gay couples.


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