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Choices Have Consequences For You And Others (Boston Marathon Bombing)

April 30, 2015


10-year-old Martin Richard died during the Boston marathon due to terrorist bombing

The Boston Bombers, Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased) and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, adversely affected so many lives with their criminal acts of terrorism. Once able bodied people became amputees, while three people died, including 10-year-old boy Martin Richard.

14 people lost limbs due to the terrorist attack. Testimony in the court case broke the hearts of many, as the public heard about and saw the damage inflicted on innocent people.


Martin’s sister 9-year-old Jane Richard became an amputee after losing her left leg below the knee during the Boston marathon bombing. Despite her adversity beautiful Jane is seen smiling.

There are many stories of people, especially teens, unwisely and dangerously leaving their homes in America, Europe, Australia and other nations of the world, to go to the Middle East to join terror outfits ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The terrorist groups online propaganda, replete with movie styled videos, is working as a recruiting agent among some, in what will ultimately destroy the lives of the people who join them.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (found guilty and awaiting sentencing) and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (deceased due to being shot by police and run over by his brother fleeing from authorities, dying in a grisly fashion similar to what he inflicted on innocent people)

To the people considering joining these terror groups, I implore you not to do so. Stay with your families. Finish your education. Fall in love and get married. Buy a home and raise your children to be productive members of society. Do not ruin your life with terrorism. It is a dead end.

I implore people to be mindful of their choices in life. Hurting others is not the answer. Do good in life. Strive to help other people. Let your life’s legacy be a good one that brings positivity to the world and blesses humanity.

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Taliban Kills 85 Christians In Pakistan Via Suicide Bombing At A Church

September 30, 2013


This month, 85 Christians in Peshawar, Pakistan were killed in a suicide bombing attack at the All Saints Church. The attack was carried out by the Taliban, via two suicide bombers. It led to the three-day closure of “mission schools.” Pakistanis protested the gruesome incident, demanding protection for Christians in the nation.


Pakistan Christians Issue Call for Protection

Published: September 23, 2013 – LONDON — With its Muslim-style minarets topped by a large black cross, the All Saints Church in Peshawar has for more than a century offered a daring architectural expression of Muslim-Christian harmony and cohabitation. This is how the Taliban destroyed it: two suicide bombers rushed the church doors as worshipers streamed out on Sunday. One attacker exploded his vest inside, the other just outside…


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Violence Against Christians In Nigeria And Egypt Hits The International Radar

December 31. 2011

“Blasts in Nigeria following Christmas Day bombings”

The nation of Nigeria is torn and divide over Muslims engaging in church bombings against Christians, killing dozens of people at Christmas once again. Christianity is the largest religion in Nigeria, but Muslims seek to bring Shariah Law to the nation by force, resulting in open conflict and casualties.

In Egypt, authorities were on high alert over the holiday season, due to past incidents, with the hope of preventing violent attacks on Coptic Christians in the region, who have faced violence from Muslims. The bloodshed is unnecessary. People need to learn to dwell peacefully in their respective nations and not resort to violence as a means of getting one’s point across.

Egypt’s military: On alert for New Year’s attack on Christians

Update at 6:25 p.m. ET: Facebook has apparently taken down the account of at least one group threatening a New Year’s attack on Egyptian Christians. An Arab-language Facebook page (not linked to in the story but monitored by msnbc.com reporters) no longer loads.


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