Some Of The Greatest People In World History Failed Before They Succeeded


March 30, 2017

There are many men and women in world history who experienced failure before success. It didn’t make them any less accomplished nor did it speak to a lack of intelligence. It just meant they had to be disciplined, tenacious, work hard and not give up in the face of adversity.

American politician, Abraham Lincoln, had business and political failures before becoming President of the United States. He experienced many setbacks and failures, but persevered, eventually won the presidency and made a difference in history.

German scientist, Albert Einstein, a name now associated with intelligence, was thought to be stupid when he was a young boy in school. He was mischievous and did not show the traits of a future genius. Some scientific mysteries baffled him and others it took time for him to decipher. However, with time his intellect developed and he is now embedded in world history as a genius.

Famous American inventor Thomas Edison stated, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Edison had many setbacks in his career, before he went on to success.

African American scientist, George Washington Carver, had setbacks he persevered through and went on to success. Carver is now in world history as a legendary inventor, but it took a tremendous amount of hard work, drive, imagination and sticktoitiveness to produce groundbreaking inventions.

There are no shortcuts to true success. One has to work hard and be diligent. You have to put in the hours of labor and dedication. You have to be determined and of a strong resolve to make success your own. Therefore, go for it!

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If Someone Loves You They Will Not Ask You To Compromise Yourself

February 28, 2017

If someone genuinely loves and cares about you, they will not ask you to compromise yourself. They would not ask you to compromise your beliefs and integrity.  The people who love you in life will respect your wishes and not ask you to do something that goes against what you believe in.

Sometimes people get into relationships and friendships that are not ideal. You can end up in situations with people who offer you drugs or give inducements to get into fraudulent, criminal behavior that could damage your life. There are not shortcuts in life. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise. Build your life the right and honest way.

Choose your romantic partner and friends carefully. The influence of the wrong people in your life can greatly damage your hopes and dreams. It can cost you greatly. The people in your life should be supportive and vice versa. Choose people living decent lives, who will encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams. Choose people who have faith, who will encourage and support you into greatness.

Having good, optimistic people around you can help you flourish and achieve the dreams that mean so much to you. It is a good, healthy environment to be in. It will lift your spirit and make you feel good about life. You need people who pull you up, not down. Remember that.

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Pray For Your Children

January 31, 2017

The world is currently in a state of turmoil and strife. The crimes being reported all over the world are discouraging, as it gives the impression humanity is going in the wrong direction. Cases have arisen regarding bullied or abused teens committing suicide over the internet. Children and adults alike are being preyed upon when they go online. There are increased incidents of violence, for the strangest, most nonsensical reasons. Drug overdoses are at an all time high.

It is important to pray for your children, regardless of their age. There are so many temptations  in this world, from drugs to crime for alleged easy money, which can lead them astray and into trouble.  Pay attention to who their friends are and what they are involved in, lest they lead your offspring astray.

It’s amazing how parents teach their children the right way, but peer pressure from unethical friends can challenge your good and decent example. However, do not give up on your child. Pray for their health, safety and well being. Pray that they do the right thing in life and find the love and happiness many seek.

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Realizing Your Full Potential

December 31, 2016


It’s one thing to have talent, but mental grit, tenacity, hard work and practice are needed in realizing your full potential. Talent without motivation and focus will remain dormant. Commit time to working on your dreams. Treat it like you would a job (a second job if you have a main one). Discipline yourself into doing something on regular basis towards accomplishing your goals.

In life, many things will not be handed to you. This means you have to work for what you want and not give up when things become challenging. It’s not just going to fall into your lap. You have to make things happen. Though it sounds cliche, you really will not get the desired results by doing the same things over and over again that did not work in the past. Therefore, if you are having difficulties, try something new in an effort to achieve your goal.

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Having A Hopeful Outlook On The Future

November 30, 2016


Having a hopeful outlook on the future is essential, especially during times of crisis. It can sustain you through tough times and encourage you to reach that next level during good times. Success in your personal and professional life can go a long way towards your happiness. No one is promised tomorrow and one should not be presumptuous, but thank God for life everyday and hope for a better tomorrow.

Being optimistic about the present and the future is always better than being a pessimist. Stress and depression are not good for the mind and body. Let go of the stress. People need to learn to laugh more. Fearing the worst, which often does not happen, is not good for your health and will rob you of the joy of life. Therefore, enjoy your life and live with hope.

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Acts Of Charity, Generosity And Kindness (Tim Tebow And Manny Pacquiao)

October 31, 2016


Tim Tebow

In an act of charity, generosity and kindness, football and baseball player, Tim Tebow, built a children’s hospital in the Philippines. reports, “The Tebow CURE Hospital grand opening was held this past week at the facility in Davao City. Built and operated by CURE International, the hospital specializes in treating children with orthopedic conditions. Many donors have contributed to the project, including the Sacred Harvest Foundation and the Tim Tebow Foundation.”


Manny Pacquiao

In another act of charity, generosity and kindness, boxer and politician, Manny Pacquiao, built over 1,000 homes for the poor in the Philippines, “I will never forget where I came from. I thank God for allowing me to help other people. I’m so happy giving this houses free to my constituents in Sarangani Province from my own pocket more than thousand families are the beneficiaries.”

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September 30, 2016


People define success in different ways. What is important to one person is not to another. Some see being rich as success. However, if the money was stolen or acquired by false means, it is not really success now is it. Those who work hard and earn their money honestly are a success.

To some success is doing charity work. Some seek to travel their nation or the world and help the poor. Some help the less fortunate by building houses, planting agriculture and digging wells in impoverished areas. I’ve often admired missionaries who travel the world bring hope, faith, food, clothes and medicine to the poor.

It is an admirable and wonderful goal. To know you’ve changed lives for the better is the definition of success. It is also a great feeling. It’s one of the best things you can do in life.

Whatever you do in life, do it with integrity and character. Do things the right way. Build your career or business on a solid, honest foundation. And how ever you define success, make sure it truly meets the criteria in the purest form of the word. God bless.

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The Silence Of Our Friends

August 31, 2016


Martin Luther King

The great Martin Luther King Jr., an amazing love preacher once stated, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” King was a great and innocent man, who faced significant adversity and terrible persecution in life. He was treated in a shameful manner while he was alive.

King’s words of peace and equality pierced the souls of many people. Those with darkness, malice and hate in their hearts, greatly opposed him. Darkness always dislikes the light. The light of goodness they saw in King troubled their conscience.

Through all his trials and triumphs, King did not expect good or decency from those who wrongly sought to destroy him. However, he did expect good and decency from his friends, some of whom under unconstitutional, illegal and insidious pressure from the racist, hateful FBI, were threatened and terrorized into betraying King, a man who went on to eclipse anything the Federal Bureau of Investigation could ever hope to accomplish or achieve.

This is what King meant by, “The silence of our friends.” King was making reference to his friends who chose cowardly self-preservation in the face of corruption, by bowing to unjust government threats to betray, isolate and destroy him in standard Washington fashion.

However, history never fails to correct itself. Today, King is revered all over the world as a hero and his enemies are clothed in lasting shame and disgrace. There is a lesson to be learned from this. Stand on the side of what is good, as world history is watching and will not fail to correct itself when corrupt, evil men impose their hateful will upon humanity.  The undue shame, disgrace and abuse you inflict upon others, is the one you will bear.

During King’s life, the head of the FBI, the nefarious J.Edgar Hoover, poured disgrace upon him through false arrests, trumped up stories in the press and outright lies spread in communities by busybody FBI agents. Hoover became so obsessed, he sent King a suicide letter and told him to kill himself. It is one of the ugliest letters ever written and one clearly penned by an exceptionally evil human being. When King would not, Hoover had him killed. In doing so, Hoover made King a martyr.

Today, King is remember with honor and fondness. Today, Hoover is remembered with disdain and contempt. Today, people clamor to place King’s name on buildings and awards. Today, people feverishly and formally petition against Hoover’s name being placed on anything of merit. The disgrace and shame Hoover tried his best to force upon King, befell him instead.

Whatever we put out into the world comes back to us – whether good or bad. So, take care to do the right thing in life. The corrupt shortcut may seem like it is working at first, but one always reaps what one sows.

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Does God Love One Sports Team Or Athlete More Than Another?

July 31, 2016


Sometimes sports teams and athletes believe their setbacks in sporting events means they didn’t have enough faith and subsequently did not win. However, you cannot hinge your faith on the outcome of a sporting event. If you win, God loves you. If you lose, God still loves you. Sometimes the other guy or girl just played better. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. At least you’re trying. Every modern athlete has experienced losses at some point or another. It is apart of the game. Enjoy the fact you are in the game at all, get back up and keep trying.

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Mismated For Money (Men And Women Who Date Others For Financial Reasons)

June 22, 2016

Young man text messaging with young woman sleeping

Life can get complicated sometimes. People work to earn a living, but sometimes it is not enough to live the lifestyle they want. People think about financial security and sometimes it leads to poor choices. Sometimes people sacrifice love for money.

Most think women are the only ones who do this, regarding dating and or marrying a man for his money, while not being in love with him. However, there are men who date and or marry women they do not love nor are they attracted to, but go through with it because the woman has a good job or is wealthy and can provide financial security.

It is not right to deceive someone into thinking you are in love with them or love them, when you are only with them for money. You should want more for yourself than that. Nothing beats being in love. It’s great.

However, getting into a loveless relationship or marriage is not worth it, as it will break your heart and you will come to the cold, emotionally painful realization that money can’t buy love or happiness.

Remember, God knows your heart and true intent – and life can take some strange, unexpected turns. Do not go around using people. It will come back to you. Do not sacrifice your happiness, well-being and future with someone you do not love.

I know people this has happened to, who seriously regret dating/marrying someone for their money.

Furthermore, God expects you to marry those in the faith. It is a principle Christians adhere to (Jews and Muslims do as well regarding their respective religions). The Bible says, “Be not mismated with unbelievers.” Yet some Christians are doing this to disastrous results, all because the person is attractive, famous and or wealthy. You’re supposed to date and eventually marry a fellow believer (Christian) you are in love with, of any race, whether they are rich or poor, famous or not.



In one case, a person I know was in love with a guy who didn’t have any money. She adored him though. However, he was broke and that was a problem in her eyes. A man who had just made a million dollars started pursuing her, so she dumped the broke guy.

She went out with the guy that had just made the million dollars, then she married him, though she did not love him. Not long after things began to go terribly wrong. She went through a lot of emotional pain and disappointment and he ended up broke due to career problems and bad investments. It ended in a painful and acrimonious divorce. He realized she did not love him and even fathered children with someone else during the marriage. To make matters worse, the man she had actually loved who was broke, got his act together and became a medical professional who makes a big salary.

Some of you need to learn to work with the people you love, who may not have much now, but you can grow together. Money isn’t everything. Love is more important.


Another case I know of, regarding a man who makes a decent salary, but does not think it will be enough to live the middle class or wealthy lifestyle he wants for the rest of his days, in trying to emulate his millionaire boss. So, he (a believer) sacrificed love by dating a woman (an atheist) he does not love and is not attracted to, whom everyone in his life thinks is wrong for him.

He is quite good looking, where people do not use that term in reference to her (I don’t want to be mean). When they go out, people stare at them like the odd couple for this reason, as he is good looking and that’s not her strong point. He is also well built. In reverse, it is the equivalent of what people call an average looking guy going out with a gorgeous woman – people stare and wonder how it happened and what’s going on (looking at the gorgeous woman wondering if the guy is holding her hostage or something LOL).

People openly wonder what they are doing dating each other. She likes the fact that he is good looking but people are looking at them for the wrong reasons. As stated above, people are wondering and commenting on why they are dating, due to the difference in looks. I don’t like writing about people’s looks, because at the end of the day, we are born looking how we look, beautiful or not and had no input on the matter. However, society looks at these things.

She is also hoping to use him to make money, as he has potential, but to be dating someone he is not attracted to, placing money first, he is showing he does not have enough confidence in himself and his earning ability. She is not rich, but has a fairly decent paying job. She has used her job skills and helped him make money. She also pays for things and at times has given him money. This is how she got him to go out with her in the first place, because as stated above, he is not in love with her nor is he attracted to her and his friends know this.

His friends know he is using her. His friends do not approve of the relationship. His parents worry he is sacrificing his own happiness over money in dating someone they know he does not love nor is he in love with her in any measure.

She, so desperate to cling to this good looking man, has turned it into hero worship complimenting everything he does, right or wrong, which is insincere and dangerous, as at times it leads to him making choices that are not in his best interest. His friends have witnessed this as well. People need others in their lives who tell them the truth for their own good.

He and the woman should have been business associates/friends at most, not lovers. However, to encourage her to continue to help him and to thank her for helping him make a bit of money, he started taking her out and having sex with her, leading her on, which is highly inappropriate, misleading and unethical.

So, this man has been dating this woman for money. However, her job/career is in jeopardy and he is going to promptly leave her when he figures it out, as money is the only reason he is dating her. To complicate matters, after dating her for a while, he started to cheat on her.  To complicate matters even more, recently he fell in love with a woman he met online who is similar to him, as they have a lot in common. However, he wrongly thinks she is broke and wants the modest sum of money he has in the bank. Little does he know she has more assets and money in trust than he and his girlfriend combined. She just pretends to be broke (LOL).

The moral of the story is do not date or marry people for money. It will backfire. It is better to choose a poor person you love than a rich one you do not, because you will end up miserable if you make the choice based on financial security (not to mention, money can go overnight, it’s happened to many).

People also get used to and sometimes grow tired of money, failing to see it as they once did, but you never grow tired of truly being in love. It doesn’t matter what color or country the person you love comes from, but choose them because you love them…not their money.

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