Superstition And Luck vs. Faith And Hard Work


Illustration of a woman sleeping (credit: Lorenza Walker)

January 23. 2018

Superstitions can drive unhealthy reactions and behaviors in people, detrimental to their well-being. People grow up with superstitions and folklore that keeps them in emotional and mental bondage to ideas that are not scientific.

Some practice Voodoo, Obeah, JuJu, Santeria and other forms of the occult, believing it can bring success to them and disastrous results to their enemies. However, it falls under the occult and witchcraft, which the Bible forbids.

Some cultures fear certain animals as bad luck. For instance, some cultures believe black cats bad luck. Some see them as evil. They have come to represent evil in modern western cultures and in Africa nations. However, centuries ago, in some cultures people believed black cats were good luck (Irish, English and the French).

I don’t believe in luck. I do believe in God. I do believe in miracles, as I have seen God change things for the better in what seemed like impossible situations, by responding to people’s prayers, including my own, improving what was thought to be insurmountable circumstances. I do believe if you pray, work hard and have a a good heart, no matter how difficult life may get, you will make it and overcome. Good things will come to you.

The Bible never said life would be easy. We live in a troubled world, due to the acts of those who do unethical things to others. However, we are not to let those circumstances defeat us. Ultimately, evil will never triumph over good. It may look like evil is winning at times, but justice always comes and many times when we least expect it and from unlikely sources.

The Bible also forbids fortunetelling, but people pay alleged psychics to tell them the future. The best thing you can do is build the best future you can, rather than holding on to the worlds of someone who is telling you things to get your money. You can’t live in worry and fear based on what others tell you. You can’t hinge your hopes on superstition and luck.

In modern society people often throw the word “prophet” around for the least little thing that does not meet the true definition of the word. In the Bible the litmus test for someone being a prophet is their words/prophecies/predictions later happening.

People in the Bible such as Abraham, Joseph, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel knew the future, because God showed it to them in dreams while they slept at night and through visions, then these things happened in real life when they were awake. There are a few people with these types of gifts.

That wasn’t luck or fortunetelling. They didn’t abuse their gifts either by charging people to tell them the future. Their dreams, visions and predictions were also not to be unethically exploited, twisted or disregarded by others, as that would be detrimental (see: the stubborn, hardhearted Pharaoh).

For the unbelieving skeptics, there are select scientists and inventors who in modem times dreamed things in their sleep that they went on to invent or scientific mysteries they unraveled that helped humanity (Albert Einstein, Frederick Banting, Niels Bohr, Elias Howe, Otto Loewi, August Kekule).

Some of the world’s top scientific discoveries came from dreams scientists had while sleeping at night. I like to think of it as God’s way of nudging humanity in the right direction by explaining the unexplained through vessels of His choosing.

Many amazing things have happened in human history. We must maintain a positive and hopeful attitude towards the future. Have faith in God. Be practical in your assessment and conduct regarding what you are doing in life regarding accomplishing your goals. If you are not where you want to be, pray and ask God for help and breakthroughs. Be a hard worker and do good to others. That good will return to you. Once again, you will make it. You have to believe and never give up hope.

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