When A Man Abandons His Son It Damages A Boy’s Psyche

October 31. 2017

Some men put their own needs ahead of that of their children, leaving a woman to raise their offspring. Some men want to be free, with no commitments after siring their offspring and leave the entire responsibility of raising the child on the mother. It is pure selfishness.

I’ve noticed it is easier for women to raise girls than boys. There is something within a young boy’s psyche that is damaged and devastated when their dad abandons them. A number of young men who come from homes where the dad abandoned them, are easily swayed and get involved in a life of crime. This is not the rule in every case. However, it holds true in many cases. Whereas, girls sometimes later choose the wrong type of partners and tolerate abusive things they should not, due to feelings of insecurity created by an absentee father.

When boys start to to approach their early teen years without the guidance of a good father, they can easily go astray. As hard as mothers may try, the direction and discipline of a dad is important to a boy’s development.

Boys whose dads have abandoned them, grow up wounded, bitter and disappointed. Some process it in a productive manner in vowing to be good dads when they get older and make something of themselves. Others become reckless and look for fatherly guidance and acceptance from older gang members/street criminals.

You will see it within the same family in a number of cases, where a single mother can raise girls and boys, and the girls will stay out of criminal trouble, but the boys fall prey to crime, due to being young males looking for guidance and validation in gangs/criminals that they did not get from their absentee fathers. They often lack that feeling of belonging and seek to fill that void with the wrong things.

Mothers, pray for your sons. Don’t give up on them. Realize you as a mother cannot be a father to them, but you have to drum it into them on a regular basis that they must stay out of criminal trouble and be ethical in life. Remind them often that they are loved, special and can achieve greatness.

Men, do not abandon your children. You have a responsibility to them. Be great fathers and set the right example. You can raise wonderful, successful children. You have it within your mind and heart to do so. God bless.

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