If Someone Loves You They Will Not Ask You To Compromise Yourself

February 28, 2017

If someone genuinely loves and cares about you, they will not ask you to compromise yourself. They would not ask you to compromise your beliefs and integrity.  The people who love you in life will respect your wishes and not ask you to do something that goes against what you believe in.

Sometimes people get into relationships and friendships that are not ideal. You can end up in situations with people who offer you drugs or give inducements to get into fraudulent, criminal behavior that could damage your life. There are not shortcuts in life. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise. Build your life the right and honest way.

Choose your romantic partner and friends carefully. The influence of the wrong people in your life can greatly damage your hopes and dreams. It can cost you greatly. The people in your life should be supportive and vice versa. Choose people living decent lives, who will encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams. Choose people who have faith, who will encourage and support you into greatness.

Having good, optimistic people around you can help you flourish and achieve the dreams that mean so much to you. It is a good, healthy environment to be in. It will lift your spirit and make you feel good about life. You need people who pull you up, not down. Remember that.

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