Pray For Your Children

January 31, 2017

The world is currently in a state of turmoil and strife. The crimes being reported all over the world are discouraging, as it gives the impression humanity is going in the wrong direction. Cases have arisen regarding bullied or abused teens committing suicide over the internet. Children and adults alike are being preyed upon when they go online. There are increased incidents of violence, for the strangest, most nonsensical reasons. Drug overdoses are at an all time high.

It is important to pray for your children, regardless of their age. There are so many temptations  in this world, from drugs to crime for alleged easy money, which can lead them astray and into trouble.  Pay attention to who their friends are and what they are involved in, lest they lead your offspring astray.

It’s amazing how parents teach their children the right way, but peer pressure from unethical friends can challenge your good and decent example. However, do not give up on your child. Pray for their health, safety and well being. Pray that they do the right thing in life and find the love and happiness many seek.

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