Study: Prayer Heals

  September 30, 2010

A recently published mainstream study stated “Prayer Heals.” This is something Christians have known for centuries. Many Christians have witnessed as people struggling with life threatening infirmities, made miraculous recoveries. Christians have experienced this as well. Faith is able to make a tremendous difference in people’s lives and should never be underestimated.

Prayer heals, study finds

Prayer heals when it’s close-up and personal, and there’s a study to prove it. It’s not just any kind of prayer, but “proximal intercessory prayer,” or PIP — when one or more people pray for someone in that person’s presence and often with physical contact — that was found by a team of doctors, scientists and religious experts to have remarkable results in healing some patients.

A team of medical doctors and scientists led by Indiana University professor of religion Candy Gunther Brown found in the study, conducted in rural Mozambique, that prayer brought “highly significant” improvements to hearing-impaired participants and significant changes to the visually impaired…

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