Superstition And Luck vs. Faith And Hard Work


Illustration of a woman sleeping (credit: Lorenza Walker)

January 23. 2018

Superstitions can drive unhealthy reactions and behaviors in people, detrimental to their well-being. People grow up with superstitions and folklore that keeps them in emotional and mental bondage to ideas that are not scientific.

Some practice Voodoo, Obeah, JuJu, Santeria and other forms of the occult, believing it can bring success to them and disastrous results to their enemies. However, it falls under the occult and witchcraft, which the Bible forbids.

Some cultures fear certain animals as bad luck. For instance, some cultures believe black cats bad luck. Some see them as evil. They have come to represent evil in modern western cultures and in Africa nations. However, centuries ago, in some cultures people believed black cats were good luck (Irish, English and the French).

I don’t believe in luck. I do believe in God. I do believe in miracles, as I have seen God change things for the better in what seemed like impossible situations, by responding to people’s prayers, including my own, improving what was thought to be insurmountable circumstances. I do believe if you pray, work hard and have a a good heart, no matter how difficult life may get, you will make it and overcome. Good things will come to you.

The Bible never said life would be easy. We live in a troubled world, due to the acts of those who do unethical things to others. However, we are not to let those circumstances defeat us. Ultimately, evil will never triumph over good. It may look like evil is winning at times, but justice always comes and many times when we least expect it and from unlikely sources.

The Bible also forbids fortunetelling, but people pay alleged psychics to tell them the future. The best thing you can do is build the best future you can, rather than holding on to the worlds of someone who is telling you things to get your money. You can’t live in worry and fear based on what others tell you. You can’t hinge your hopes on superstition and luck.

In modern society people often throw the word “prophet” around for the least little thing that does not meet the true definition of the word. In the Bible the litmus test for someone being a prophet is their words/prophecies/predictions later happening.

People in the Bible such as Abraham, Joseph, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel knew the future, because God showed it to them in dreams while they slept at night and through visions, then these things happened in real life when they were awake. There are a few people with these types of gifts.

That wasn’t luck or fortunetelling. They didn’t abuse their gifts either by charging people to tell them the future. Their dreams, visions and predictions were also not to be unethically exploited, twisted or disregarded by others, as that would be detrimental (see: the stubborn, hardhearted Pharaoh).

For the unbelieving skeptics, there are select scientists and inventors who in modem times dreamed things in their sleep that they went on to invent or scientific mysteries they unraveled that helped humanity (Albert Einstein, Frederick Banting, Niels Bohr, Elias Howe, Otto Loewi, August Kekule).

Some of the world’s top scientific discoveries came from dreams scientists had while sleeping at night. I like to think of it as God’s way of nudging humanity in the right direction by explaining the unexplained through vessels of His choosing.

Many amazing things have happened in human history. We must maintain a positive and hopeful attitude towards the future. Have faith in God. Be practical in your assessment and conduct regarding what you are doing in life regarding accomplishing your goals. If you are not where you want to be, pray and ask God for help and breakthroughs. Be a hard worker and do good to others. That good will return to you. Once again, you will make it. You have to believe and never give up hope.

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New Years Resolutions

December 31. 2017

The smartest New Years resolutions are the ones you don’t make. Many people set New Years resolutions as a means of positive change in their lives, which is accompanied by stress and unrealistic time frames. While it is good to set goals, you should live each day to the fullest, working towards your goals on a regular basis – not just on January 1st.

The key is to be diligent. Each effort will go towards your goal and begin to add up. Before you know it, you will achieved your goal. Live this way year round. Make it a way of life.

So this January 1st, do not put stress on yourself, trying to do everything in one day. Relax. Take deep breaths. Take each day as it comes. Thank God for all you have and pray to Him for help in achieving your goals. Work diligently towards your goals. Don’t worry. You will get there.

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Women Who Do Not Pay Enough Attention To Their Children To Chase After Men

November 30. 2017

Some women do not pay enough attention to their children, who end up falling to the wayside. They spend more of their time focusing on the man they are after, rather than their kids and it results in their children being neglected.

Children need help with school work and the social issues facing them. They should be the priority in your life. Not the man you are chasing after, who may let you down and end up with someone else anyway. However, your children are your family and deserve your time and effort.

I’m not stating you should not try to find a good man and get married. What I am stating is keep things in perspective. Prioritize what’s most important and that’s your child/children. Find the correct balance.

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When A Man Abandons His Son It Damages A Boy’s Psyche

October 31. 2017

Some men put their own needs ahead of that of their children, leaving a woman to raise their offspring. Some men want to be free, with no commitments after siring their offspring and leave the entire responsibility of raising the child on the mother. It is pure selfishness.

I’ve noticed it is easier for women to raise girls than boys. There is something within a young boy’s psyche that is damaged and devastated when their dad abandons them. A number of young men who come from homes where the dad abandoned them, are easily swayed and get involved in a life of crime. This is not the rule in every case. However, it holds true in many cases. Whereas, girls sometimes later choose the wrong type of partners and tolerate abusive things they should not, due to feelings of insecurity created by an absentee father.

When boys start to to approach their early teen years without the guidance of a good father, they can easily go astray. As hard as mothers may try, the direction and discipline of a dad is important to a boy’s development.

Boys whose dads have abandoned them, grow up wounded, bitter and disappointed. Some process it in a productive manner in vowing to be good dads when they get older and make something of themselves. Others become reckless and look for fatherly guidance and acceptance from older gang members/street criminals.

You will see it within the same family in a number of cases, where a single mother can raise girls and boys, and the girls will stay out of criminal trouble, but the boys fall prey to crime, due to being young males looking for guidance and validation in gangs/criminals that they did not get from their absentee fathers. They often lack that feeling of belonging and seek to fill that void with the wrong things.

Mothers, pray for your sons. Don’t give up on them. Realize you as a mother cannot be a father to them, but you have to drum it into them on a regular basis that they must stay out of criminal trouble and be ethical in life. Remind them often that they are loved, special and can achieve greatness.

Men, do not abandon your children. You have a responsibility to them. Be great fathers and set the right example. You can raise wonderful, successful children. You have it within your mind and heart to do so. God bless.

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Are You Raising Your Sons To Respect Women?

September 30. 2017


How are you raising your sons to treat women? Are you teaching your sons to respect and treat women well? Are you setting a good example for your sons, regarding how a woman should behave? Do you condone poor behavior from your son’s father, leading the child to believe men are to be mean and disrespectful to women?

Women should be careful in not coddling their sons and telling them everything they do is right. You do not want your son to adopt the view women are doormats and must do everything they say. If they grow up with that view, they will encounter smart and strong women, who are not doormats and they will react badly to not getting their way. They must learn compromise.


You should teach your sons to respect women. Do not encourage or applaud promiscuous behavior. Teach your sons that it is not good to be a playboy using women for sex then dumping them, as that is disgraceful. Some of you see your sons dating many women and at the same time and don’t say anything about it. You are condoning behavior that could destroy your offspring and women (sexually transmitted diseases, destroyed relationships).

Do not raise a cheater. Do not raise a son that grows up to go around hurting women. Raise a son that treats women with dignity and respect.

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Christian Girl Placed With Muslim Family In Foster Care Who Confiscated Her Cross And Are Forcing Her To Learn Arabic In Britain

August 31. 2017

A white 5-year-old Christian girl was placed with a Muslim family in foster care, leading to a series of sad events in Britain. The Muslim family took away the little girl’s cross and are forcing her to learn Arabic, though English is her native language that she must first master in school. Second languages are not taught until much later in pupils schooling in Britain.

The incident has caused outrage in Britain, as these events go against the child’s religious upbringing as a Christian. People are complaining the child was poorly placed with a Muslim family, rather than a Christian one, which would have been in-keeping with her religious faith. The case is before a judge again, due to public outcry.

Years prior, there was a case in Britain of a Christian couple who wanted to adopt a child, but were turned down because they adhere to the Bible, as millions worldwide do, in not subscribing to homosexuality and gay marriage, which are a personal lifestyle choice. Just like people can’t force their religion on others, you can’t force your sexuality on others either.

Whites and Christians on the whole are openly stating in feedback forums that they are being made to feel like second class citizens in their own country, to avoid the national appearance of racism. One segment of the population can’t be made to suffer to appease another. Everyone should be treated equally. No one should be stripped of their religious rights and beliefs, nor should the government permit anyone to do so to others. People must be allowed the right to peacefully practice their religion.


Muslim foster carers ‘told Christian girl, five, that Christmas and Easter are stupid and European women are alcoholics after taking away her crucifix and stopping her from eating bacon’ ‘

Published: 19:15 EDT, 27 August 2017 | Updated: 07:52 EDT, 29 August 2017 – The document seen by The Times claims the child was ‘very distressed’ and claimed she had her Christian cross taken away. A white five-year-old girl told her mother Christmas and Easter are ‘stupid’ and European women are alcoholics after being fostered to two Muslim families, it was claimed today.

The child, who is a native English speaker, also refused to take back her favourite meal – spaghetti carbonara – because it contained bacon – which Muslims do not eat. The child, who is a native English speaker, spent the past six months in two Muslim households after being placed into foster care in Tower Hamlets, east London.

She was forced to live in Muslim foster homes where nobody spoke English and her carers took away her Christian cross and encouraged her to learn Arabic, according to The Times.

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People Who Walk Out On Their Families For Adulterous Relationships (God Doesn’t Bless Mess)


July 31, 2017

There’s a famous singer/songwriter in his 50s who left his wife after 25-years of marriage and three kids, to marry a vain Hollywood type (actress). The woman he left his wife for is a few years younger than she is, but not better looking.

There is no blessing in that. He is headed for trouble. He’s flaunting his new wife on social networking, but his fans are disappointed and perplexed by his behavior. He used to speak so well of his first wife, even stating he wrote hit songs about her. Then cheats on her with the actress, divorces and marries his mistress and posts it all over social networking like he’s going through some mid-life crisis. It’s not his best moment.

His behavior and in clear sight of any and everyone, caused the public to lose faith in love.

He had been cheating on his first wife and it broke the marriage (though he won’t admit it). I can’t imagine his behavior will change with the second wife, as their union was not about love, but sex. They are not compatible either, which is not helpful to a new marriage. He was quite compatible with his first wife and the marriage lasted 25-years, until his mistress pressured him into filing for divorce. Now he doesn’t look happy with the second wife and it has only been a couple years.

For a few years before the divorce, I knew about him cheating on his first wife, but didn’t write about it on any of my sites or repeat what I was told regarding the infidelity, despite the fact it would have been a scoop online. I was more disappointed than anything, as for years this man kept stating how he loves his wife and wrote all these songs about her that me and many others bought for years (music CDs).


There’s an athlete who has left his wife for a younger, so-called businesswoman, who is only after him for his money and fame. He is currently separated from his wife. Now his young kids have to deal with daddy not being there in the house anymore and one of them is sick. The athlete posted photos on social networking of his kids and now they look sad. Their dad does not live with them anymore and that’s tough for any kid who is used to both parents living in the same house.

His wife was with him when he had nothing. Now he’s with a money hungry woman who is playing him and for all to see. His fans know, but he doesn’t realize it. He is flaunting on social networking a woman, who unbeknownst to him is a gold digger. His fans who know what happened with his wife, are disappointed, as they know he is married to someone else.

This woman has no shame either to be posing up on social networking with someone else’s husband and showing off the things she bought with his money. She was not entitled to that money or those things. God doesn’t bless mess.

That’s not to say God won’t bless someone in that situation. It simply means He will not bless a marriage or relationship born out of adultery. He clearly states in the Bible that He punishes it Spiritually speaking, it will lead to heartbreak, trouble and suffering in life. Leave other people’s spouses alone. As it is written, “What God has put together, let no man pull apart.”

He should not have left his wife. There is no blessing in that. He is headed for trouble. In fact, he needs to go back to his wife, as the divorce has not been made final. That would be the right thing to do. God can help them reconcile.

I sometimes wonder how men can’t tell when a woman is after them for their money. For example, the woman the athlete is dating, is all of a sudden in charge of his career when she knows nothing about the sport and has no experience, but is controlling his financial interests. Dead giveaway. It’s not beneficial to his career. A qualified professional in the sports industry would make him far more money and provide better career guidance.

Some men cheat in trying to recapture their youth. However, they are not going to get their youth back. No one does and to be a well adjusted person, one must understand the stages of life. At the end of the day, being an adult is about responsibility. When you make a commitment, especially in marriage, you should honor it with fidelity.

If you are in an adulterous relationship I encourage you to stop cheating, ask God for forgiveness and go back to your spouse, if you have not already divorced. The Bible has specific conditions about marriage, divorce and frowns upon the adulterous party remarrying.

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All Roads Do Not Lead To God But There Is Hope

June 30, 2017


The 19th century painting Transfiguration of Jesus by Carl Bloch

Some people state all roads lead to God. However, that is incorrect. The Bible plainly states of Jesus, who is defined as God “Put no other gods before Me.” The Bible makes clear the only Gods that exist are the Holy Trinity of God the Father,  Son and Holy Spirit.

The Bible makes reference to “gods” that are not real, but forbidden idols people created and mislabled “gods.” It is one of the reasons God forbade His people to intermarry with others of non-Bible religions. God knew that a person in love is sometimes susceptible and swayed by the beliefs or lack thereof of their partner. Some men have turned atheist under the toxic nagging of their faithless girlfriends or wives, who belittled their beliefs, regarding their faith in God. It is a massive sin to destroy someone’s faith in God.

Some men have fallen under the influence of women or friends of other religions who, utilizing peer pressure, sway them away from the Faith and into worshiping “idols” some falsely proclaim are “god.” The Bible forbids this, as a massive sin. It is very wrong to turn away from the true God of the Bible. Let no one convince you to do so.

God (Jesus) makes it clear, His blessing is over His people who believe in Him and those who depart from the faith lose the blessings and favor of God. I implore you to return to the true Gods of the Bible – God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit. Your blessings in this life and your soul in the next life depend on it. Don’t wait until it is too late, as no one is promised tomorrow. However, through faith in God and changing your ways you are guaranteed heaven.

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Life Is Not Always Fair But Have Compassion On Others


May 24, 2017

People often maintain the view that life is supposed to be fair. However, life is not always fair. We see tragedies and injustices occur in the world on a regular basis. This is because we do not live in a perfect world. There are some who do the right thing in life and others who do not, which leaves people heartbroken to struggle with the fallout of others’ poor choices.

It brings to mind a Bible phrase, “The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.” Translation: good and bad things happen to good and bad people. Sometimes injustices and tragedy occurs.

There’s another passage that states in life, “He (God) makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.” In other words, in life it rains on the good and the bad. Good and bad things happen to good and bad people.

We learn from the story of Job in the Bible that just because bad things happen to someone, it does not mean they deserved it or did something wrong. Job was the most decent person on the face of the earth. The devil hated him for it and sought to destroy Job for being such a good human being.

As a result of this undeserved hatred from the devil, Job lost everything, including his family and became sick (skin sores). Yet, in the midst of it all, his true character came out and it did show Job was indeed a good person.

The next time you see someone going through something, have some compassion.

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Beware Of The Shortcuts In Life


April 30, 2017

Beware of shortcuts in life. The lure of fast cash has been the downfall of many people. People who want fast money dishonestly and lawlessly pay a price for it in life. No exceptions. It’s not worth it when the consequences roll around.

It is the equivalent of building a house on a bad, unsecured foundation, using materials you stole from others, in a structure thrown up quickly by cutting corners and violating legal codes that regulate real estate construction for everyone’s safety. It looks like it is succeeding at first, then it suddenly collapses without warning, turning into a big mess you have to clean up, then rebuild properly.

The ponzi schemer, scammer and or thief that steals money and or assets from others in a scam, in order to get rich and live lavishly, illegally collects fast cash quickly, then gets caught by the long arm of the law. When the inevitable moment of justice arrives, not only do they lose all financial possessions, but their freedom as well to lengthy prison sentences that go on their record. At least they had their freedom and name prior to the scam.

The corrupt business executive engaging in corporate espionage to steal others intellectual property, who is then suddenly arrested, charged, imprisoned and forced to pay fines and restitution that makes the crime completely unprofitable, because their assets are seized to cover the legal judgement. Once again, at least they had their freedom and name prior to the theft.

People sometimes wonder why it seems the wicked financially prosper, while good people struggle. However, in writing about criminal cases and human interest stories online for years, I can assure you people do not get away with robbing and defrauding others. It always catches up with them in some form or another.

Some call it “karma” or “what goes around comes around.” Christians call it, “You reap what you sow.” The suffering, tears and distress people cause in life with their unethical deeds always comes back to them. God sees the pain and suffering and addresses it. Therefore, be good to people. Live your life the right way.

A life done correctly is the smart way to live. Work hard and keep your hands clean. Do not go around stealing from or defrauding others. Do not exploit people. It will catch up to you and often when you least expect it. Change your ways and make amends for the wrong you have done.

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